A historical perspective

The Cincinnati Donauschwaben Society is a non-profit organization preserving and celebrating German language and cultural heritage. Founded by German immigrants who settled in the industrial cities of the Midwest after fleeing war torn Germany in WWII, the Society has been in formal existence in Cincinnati since 1954. – For additional historical perspective, please click here to visit the society site.

Let our Family, Serve Yours

At the Cincinnati Donauschwaben and Reception Hall, it’s a family affair. The Donauschwaben Reception Hall and Outdoor Pavilion is staffed by members of the Donauschwaben Society.  The Society membership consists of families from all of the Tri-State area. Many of which are first generation descendants of those immigrants who founded the Society in the 50’s.

What does this mean for you?

  • A Family Friendly Atmosphere:  Your event staff consists of our membership families.
  • Unprecedented Commitment to Service
  • No hourly employees – Simply stated, the members staffing your event are not here to collect a paycheck. Our members that staff your event are very aware that your level of satisfaction directly impacts the success of and preservation of the Society; therefore we are dedicated to doing everything possible to satisfy you.

The Fine Print

Please review our rental regulations and policies before booking your next event.